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Topshop Singapore

Recent Entries

4/9/12 02:21 pm - a_shutosh - [sticky post] - A Topshop Nation

Forget a Rhythm Nation (sorry, Janet), we're creating another kind of a nation; all of you who own anything from Topshop/Topman, who love anything from Topshop/Topman: you are a part of it. Come on and join the community, post your looks, share it with your friends and show off just how fashionable you are.

What are you waiting for? We are a part of a Topshop Nation.

12/16/12 08:18 pm - lifesimplifed - Selling: Alexander Wang Inspired Flatforms


Skinned: Alexander Wang Inspired Flatforms - Size 39 (Fits true)

OOS on site.

Bought at $33.90

Worn once. Brand New Condition.

Selling at $12 (Nego) / $10 for fast deal

email: pangrosalin@yahoo.com.sg

5/4/12 03:27 pm - a_shutosh - Prowl

A pair of leopard-print flats for a Friday evening out with the girls. Call me fierce and I'll chew your head off. Roar.

4/27/12 02:32 pm - a_shutosh - Natalia's Woes

I recently received a lovely note from a girl in Singapore, Natalia. Natalia didn't know how to complete her Saturday-morning-errands look and challenged me to add just ONE accessory/item to complete the look.

Challenge accepted, Natalia.

(L-R): Her original outfit followed by three snazzed up, divalicious looks!

4/24/12 04:23 pm - a_shutosh - One Direction

Zayn and Harry are decked out in classic jackets and shirts from Topman, but Harry, Liam and Niall aren't.
Won't somebody give these three boys their TopMan? ;-)

4/22/12 09:16 pm - a_shutosh - Blissful Brogues

I enjoy wearing brogues. Oxford very cleverly defines them as 'strong outdoor shoes with ornamental perforated patterns in the leather'. The part that attracts me the most is, of course, 'strong outdoor shoes'. You might be more attracted to 'ornamental perforated patterns', but that's just you.

I had a lovely pair of brogues back in the day, presented to me by Number 10's darling cobbler. I don't know where they are now but I recently decided that if I was going to spend my old age in uncomfortable shoes, they might as well be in shoes with ornamental perforated patterns in the leather, and so I found myself at Topshop's Knightsbridge outlet on Orchard Road the other day, and there they were: a delightful pair of nude brogues for a little over $60.

They looked so smart, they looked so elegant and yet they had a tough 'don't-mess-with-me' attitude which so many women are born without. I, fortunately, was born with plenty of it, but who could say no to more fierceness?

As I stood in line for the cashier, waiting for a silly girl in front of me to find her ATM card in her terribly unfortunate looking 'purse', I thought of all the possibilities of my new brogues. I could wear them to the doctor's (let's see him try and tell me I'm dying when he sees my shoes), the grocer's (really, the chicken's going for $7 now?) and of course, tea with Camilla (you pronounce them bro-gz, my dear).

Picked up three new dresses/tops to go with it:

L-R: Rope Print Dress ($55), Sasha Dress ($65), Racerback ($35)

What do you guys think?
xoxo, Maggie

4/18/12 04:25 pm - a_shutosh - Calypso

What a glorious day it is today - sunny, warm and bright - and I've got the perfect look for it:

It's all about calypso this season, and Topshop's got the loudest looks of them all (a little too loud if you ask me).
Let's start off with the top ;-) This tropical floral crop halter top is $52 from Topshop online and where can you not wear it? A funeral maybe, but that's about it.

The hot shorts are even cheaper, $44 and they're sure to get the boys feeling hot.

Remember, it's all about looking loud, SO DO NOT PAIR IT WITH A BORING PAIR OF BLACK PANTS. LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!

Pair it with your favourite pair of 'holiday' sandals (chose this fringe pair), a clutch and of course, a gay umbrella and we're off!

Mojitos are completely optional, of course.

4/15/12 10:11 pm - a_shutosh - Monday...

Monday's here again. Had a lovely weekend with Har Will but unfortunately, I have to go back to being a princess tomorrow. You know I'm kidding - there's nothing more I love than being a princess.

I know so many of you are probably wondering what to wear out tomorrow... I'm no different! I finally figured it out a few minutes ago:

Dress - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Head - Buckingham Palace

Do you guys like it? Well, what about Will, do you think Will will? I hope I've tied your tongues ;-)

Hugs & Kisses

4/13/12 09:48 am - a_shutosh - Sienna's on Top

Simply gorgeous! Good job, Sienna. You see what she did there? She paired this lovely Topshop top with this high-waisted Topshop skirt. That's a top look, if I might say so myself.

4/12/12 03:57 pm - a_shutosh - The Four Queens of Topshop SG

Now is the time to introduce you to the four queens of Topshop Singapore, each with their own distinct and delicious personalities. They truly are royalty in our eyes and we love them all, no matter how silly some of them might seem at times. After awhile, you won't even need to look at the icon to figure out which one's posting:

1. Clueless Camilla
Bless her heart - Camilla might be a little blur about fashion, so don't be surprised if she comes galloping over for some fashion advice. She's had her fair share of fashion missteps and unfortunate photographs...

But she can also look really sharp when she wants to:

2. Charming Catherine
How could anyone not like Catherine (Kate)? Presentable, elegant and beautiful, she's always ready to share her latest finds and style tips that are sure to have you looking like a million pounds. She's even willing to give Camilla a tip or two, bless her soul.
3. Elderly Elizabeth
If vintage is your thing, then Momma Elizabeth is here to help! She'll post the hottest looks from the 40s, but don't be fooled by her slow demeanour - put her in Topshop Knightsbridge and watch her dart from accessories to shoes and of course, those mini dresses she's so secretly fond of. Look at her, flipping through vogue:
4. Ms Margaret
Of course, we couldn't have British queens without Lady Thatcher, the Iron Lady herself who is not going to sugar her words because that is quite simply, not right. She may not be royalty per se, but she's definitely fashion royalty and she's got the handbags to prove it. Don't be afraid of her, she's really quite gentle, but the sight of a fashion misstep might just bring out Margaret, the Monster.
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